Quidder is an online game of skills that helps you train for real world of cryptocurrency in a risk free set up. Best thing about it is , you do not need money to test your Investment skills and it is all simulation based on notional funds. We use real market data so your trades are on real prices and your “returns” or “losses” are real world percentage changes even though you are using non real money. All you need to do is, be active with your investment strategy during the game, Invest in the best competitive way you can so as you generate maximum notional profit and come in top ranks to win daily cash Prize upto Rs.3000. 

Start playing today by downloading on Android and IOS, It's time to showcase your investment skills!


Have Fun while you earn!

Transparency, Trust and Credibility

All participants are given same time period and same notional points for investment, which you use to generate notional profit, you will always have real time access to the other players strategies enabling transparent rankings.



Anyone can play, Just 3 simple steps

  1. Download the app and login using your mobile number.

  2. Pay Game joining fee of Rs 100/-( 1st game is free)

  3. Participate in Investment simulation with the notional points to generate maximum notional return on your investments and top the rank


Daily Cash, Quick Transfers, 100% Fairplay

More than anything , you will have alot of fun and learnings while testing your investment skills without having any fear of loosing money since it is a simulation game based on non real funds and points. So go out and test the water!



Smaller groups to compete in a contest!

Each contest will have no more than 100 players competing against each other, Which gives you higher chance to be come up in the top list and win prizes.