For the Bitcoin enthusiast in the India, a real life investment into Cryptocurrencies can be quite daunting, considering the wide fluctuations and lack of clarity on ever changing regulations! To give this dull reality a dreamy twist came Quidder, India's first Cryptocurrency championship and a game of skills  that allowed crypto fans in the country to finally have the fun of Investing in a risk free set up, albeit virtual!


Get your Notional Investment strategy to the grill. With Quidder, you can win every day and you will have lots of fun in this intuitive game.


Disclaimer: We do not offer any real investment services and we does not solicits or promotes any direct/ indirect sale or purchase of any Investment product in the real market, it is purely a virtual game where in return of an entry fee to the Contest you stand a possibility of winning prizes depending upon your skills vis a vis other players.

We can be reached out at:

Ph: +91-9999661799          Email: Support@quidder.co.in          Web: www.quidder.co.in

Quidder, Regus Business Centre, 19th floor, Tower C,Building no.5, DLF Cyber city, Phase II,Guru gram, Haryana- 122002